Experience with NOX PLAYER - Android Emulator for Windows Desktop

Nox Player is a Android Emulator that focused on playing mobile games on PC. With this programs users can enjoy full experience of Android system on their Personal computers. This Nox Player is looks similar to the real android devices experience.

This apps is free and you can download on these URL:

You will get big size installer about 300mb. Click to install.

Installation is being process:

Just wait until it done, then click start to run Nox Player:

Wait until it finished loading:

Here's the welcome screen for the first time:

Skip to finish it, then open Google Folder, then run Google Play Store, setup your google account to access Play Store. The play store on NOX Player is similar or same on the real android Phone/Tablets.

Althought it mainly focused for Gaming, but it can also install regular apps such as social media, productivity tools, browser, and other non games apps.

Installing games, for this example i will try play minecraft games on NOX player:

Installing the games:
Running the games :

It can run at full speed my system is Toshibe Portege R30-A, with core i5 and Intel HD 4600.

To configure the touch to keyboard button, click icon keyboard (highlight on the right)

Then choose, for minecraft i'm using "A" custom key to touch:

Here's my layout:

Press ESC, then save the layout, then enjoy the games :)

To see the resources of NOX Player:
Before playing any games :

While playing minecraft games : 

Maybe will different in another PC with different proc, ram, and GPU. If your PC is strong enough you can maximize the NOX settings.

By default NOX player will detected with adb, so you can develop your app and test with NOX player.

Is it compatible with most android apps? Just try by yourself if it's compatible or not. I think Most popular apps will work on NOX Player.

What OS Version of NOX Player? It's 4.4.2 kitkat version, you can see on Nox Settings in Android system. (Nox Version that i install is ver 6).

Well. That's it about my experience using NOX Player. It's run perfect in my System. So this apps is recommended.

Another snapshot while playing games.. .:D