How to lock Android Screen Rotation - Rotation Locker Apps

Bothered by having your android phone/tablets flip to portrait or landscape while laying down, or the apps only support portrait/landscape only but you need to rotate them to adjust the position that is comfortable for you. Then you need rotation locker. There are alot free android application software that available on google play store. Here's some of the list that available for free in google app store.

Rotation Locker by Madmack
Rotation Locker URL Playstore:

Rotation locker is a very simple android application software that allows you to do the following:

Lock your screen's rotation to Landscape/portrait or Auto. It will force android application that support portrait/landscape only. Such as instagram apps. that only support in portrait.

To use for specific orientation, just open the apps, then choose the position that you like, tap and hold then done. If you set landscape, the screen will be landscape only, if you choose portrait the screen will be portrait only. If you choose auto, then it will rotate based on gyro.

This app is last updated at 2013, free and without apps, and still good until now. There's no more settings, just set the portrait, landscape, and auto.

Rotation Lock Adaptive (Free) By MiCGooware
Rotation Lock Adaptive URL:
Rotation Lock Adaptive have global rotation mode such as : Adaptive lock, landscape, portrait, reverse portrait, reverse landscape, force auto, stock auto, stock portrait.
The main feature is Adaptive Lock, With an Adaptive lock, this app will show transparency button to let you decide should rotate or not.

For donate version, this app have per app settings to set rotation:
I have tested on Nougat MIUI, this app need further setting to work, but on another rom, this app work perfects.

Rotation Locker Lite by skyarmy:
Rotation locker Lite play store URL:
Rotation loker Lite is simple rotation locker apps, it have portrait, landscape, reverse portrait, reverse landscape, auto rotaion, and landscape auto-rotation.

Just tap on any orientation that you like, then the screen will rotate to your decide, it's just simple apps with orientation on the list, no more settings such as per app. This apps is free, but contain ads. But overall this app is good.

Rotation locker apps above are top three on play store. Just choose one that suitable for you.